Civic Holiday…

Is today.

We get an extra valuable long weekend in a short Canadian Summer.

But exactly what IS Civic Holiday?

It depends where you live for starters as not all Provinces recognize it as a Statutory Holiday while some do.  Some don’t  recognize it as anything other than a normal Monday in August.

It goes by a variety of names too….in British Columbia, it is British Columbia Day, in New Brunswick, it is New Brunswick Day and in Saskatchewan, it is Saskatchewan Day. In Nova Scotia, it is celebrated as Natal Day, but is not recognized as a holiday.

In Ontario, it has always been known as Civic Holiday, with the exception of Toronto where it is called Simcoe Day since 1969 in honour of the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.

It is all so confusing isn’t it?

All I know is, we get an extra day off to drink beer and lay in the sun.

Civic HolidayWhich is exactly what I will be doing…


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