Smoothie…out the Bumps

And Lumps

Awwww Spring.  Time to put away the heavy sweaters, hoodies and jeans and pull out the shorts, T’s and tank tops….but….dangit…apparently some evil little gremlins broke into your Spring/Summer clothes storage and altered all your clothes ~ making them all too tight.

What to do?

Smoothies of course.

Berry SmoothieSmoothies are a great way to get in your protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals without piling on the calories.  Choose your ingredients wisely though.  Not all smoothies are made alike.

Opting for Fat-Free Yogurt and eliminating the use of fruit juices will keep Smoothies in the healthy, whole food chart … Read more...

Deer Repellent Spray

There is another new experiment on the Homestead horizon.  With deer being rampant in the area, as well as rabbits, groundhogs, birds and marauding red squirrels, I have been googling for hours/days/weeks searching for ways to fend off the pesky forest dwellers from thinking my garden is a walk-up buffet attraction or ideal stash site for acorns.

DSC09357I found this one and was intrigued.  The ingredients seemed common enough and easy to find and I needed something else that I can combine with the already put in place deer/bird fencing that will enclose the main raised garden bed as well … Read more...

How To Build A Pea Trellis

New to the Homestead garden this year is to grow my very own Poppin’ Peas.  My past gardening efforts have centered on Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuces and Herbs, but with a new garden area to expand into, peas are at the top of the list of things to grow.  Along with radishes, beets, carrots and spinach…more on those at a later date.

Today we are concentrating on how to build a support for your peas.   The type of peas I bought are a dwarf-low-shrubbery kind (Green Arrow), and they will need a trellis to climb onto.  If a package … Read more...

Next Weeks Menu

There is a whole lotta BBQ’ing going on next week.  With the arrival of beautiful Spring weather, I like to ditch the stove in favour of the BBQ.  I love the smell of a steak fresh off the grill, served up with slices of big, fat, juicy tomato and a Caesar salad..yum…mouth is watering already.

This weekend hubby is stag at the Northern Homestead as I have business to attend to at home, which makes me sad, BUT, it also makes me happy because Friday and Saturday nights dinners for me will be of Mexican flavour ~ Woot!  Hubby really … Read more...

Best Breakfast Sammie ~ Ever

I love Breakfast.

No, really…. I LOVE BREAKFAST…

I am one of those people that once I have dragged myself away from my beloved pillow and made that first cuppa tea, I HAVE to have breakfast lest I keel over from hunger and light-headedness.

Within 45 minutes of getting out of bed, if not fed, my stomach growls just as fiercely as a newly awakened hibernating bear.  Best not bar the kitchen from me unless you want to lose your arm.

Monday to Friday, I am a good girl with breakfast.  Eating my whole rolled oatmeal with flax seed meal … Read more...

Egg Carton Seed Starter Update


As defined by Wiki: Is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.

For the most part, I am a highly skeptical person, always leery of strangers coming to my front door to sell me everything from elephant ear cleaning devices to toys for your hamster.  I am also a frugal person (i.e. cheap) and like to reuse/re-purpose things instead of throwing them away or buying plasticized versions of what I need.  We already live in a huge throw away society and I for one … Read more...

Dock Dilemma

Mother Nature is beautiful.
Mother Nature is awesome.
Mother Nature can be downright nasty too.

April 7th, 2013 ~ The lake is starting to melt, notice where the water level is… DSC09411April 14th, 2013 ~ One week later, not too bad, I think the level came up an inch or two…

DSC09423April 20th, 2013 ~ A very brief and very vicious wind storm pushes the ice towards the dock, lifting and heaving it to one side.  In less than 3 minutes, tons and tons of rock in the crib were shoved aside like a child playing with marbles.

DSC09485DSC09489April 28th, …

Sleepy Monday

Today is one of those days where I just can’t get rolling…probably has something to do with getting up at the crack of stupid to come back to the City (btw – the crack of stupid is typically defined as anytime between 2 and 3 am).

Sooooo…this is the extent of today’s post, along with the photo below which depicts exactly how I feel.

Hopefully I will be a wee bit more energetic tomorrow…

Good Night!

sleepykitten

Next Weeks Menu

What a crazy week it has been.  Lots of stuff accomplished….windows in the City Homestead were cleaned inside and out, hubby got started on the dreaded hedge trimming, lawn and garden all work done, the hot tub has been drained and cleaned out for the summer, interior Spring cleaning is done and the weather has finally warmed up enough that I was able to start hardening off my seedlings in preparation for planting outside next week…oh, and I think we had our regular jobs to do amongst all that too….

I am also trying to think up/devise a protective netting/cover … Read more...