Best Breakfast Sammie ~ Ever

I love Breakfast.

No, really…. I LOVE BREAKFAST…

I am one of those people that once I have dragged myself away from my beloved pillow and made that first cuppa tea, I HAVE to have breakfast lest I keel over from hunger and light-headedness.

Within 45 minutes of getting out of bed, if not fed, my stomach growls just as fiercely as a newly awakened hibernating bear.  Best not bar the kitchen from me unless you want to lose your arm.

Monday to Friday, I am a good girl with breakfast.  Eating my whole rolled oatmeal with flax seed meal and fruit (doing my part to unclog my arteries).  But come the weekend…


It is time for the Best Breakfast Sammie ~ Ever!

I never get tired of them.

All you need are 3 ingredients.
Bread.  Tomato.  Cheese.

DSC09658_ATo assemble:  Toast your favourite bread, plop on your favourite cheese (I love Monterey Jack with Jalapeño), and top with slices of big, juicy tomato.  A dash of fresh cracked black pepper and you are all set to dive in.

DSC09661_ASimple to make yet simply dee-lish…
I love Breakfast.

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