Clutter Bustin Time

2013’s Resolution # 2 is probably the second highest-made resolution after weight loss (or being a better person and if you are over 40, there’s no hope for you now, as you are too set in your ornery ways to become a better person so you may as well give up), anyway, back to Resolution # 2…

Time to rid yourself of the unwanted books, magazines, circus prize trinkets, old batteries and novelty decks of cards from your last trip to Vega$ that are stashed in various drawers and closets throughout your home.

Here’s a challenge for you – Clear out your drawers! While keeping your pants on.

Tough to do, but not impossible.

Here are 8 Rules to help you clear yourself of Clutter.

Rule # 1 for clearing clutter:  Have a lobotomy, it removes the memories that you have attached to inanimate objects.  You then can toss with abandon.

Rule # 2 for clearing clutter:  Start in one room and do not move to another room until you have decluttered the first room.

Rule # 3 for clearing clutter:  Do not allow your children to help you as they haven’t had the lobotomy done and will pester and whine about you tossing their precious .25¢ plastic elephant and giving you 101 inane reasons why they need to keep it.

Rule # 4 for clearing clutter:  If you haven’t used said item within the last year – TOSS IT. No if’s, and’s, but’s or excuses as to why you need to keep your New Orleans Mardi Gras Beads.


See? Even I have some….

Rule # 5 for clearing clutter: If it is broken or busted and can not be repaired – toss it!

Rule # 6 for clearing clutter: If it isn’t even yours…return it!  That tea set you borrowed from your elderly neighbour to impress your new inlaws with, I am sure the sweet, little ol’ lady is too nice to call and complain.  Just give it back with a polite thank you and sorry it took so long.

Rule # 7 for clearing clutter:  Lose the ‘Just in Case I need it’ syndrome, honestly ask yourself, has the opportunity or event arisen in the last few years to be able to use said item?  More than likely not, and if you can not foresee using it in the future – toss it.

Rule # 8 for clearing clutter:  Recycle and Reuse it.  To lesson the load on your local landfill, try to recycle as much as possible.  There are lots of charitable organizations that would love the pea green pea coat that no longer fits you.

Rule # 9 for clearing clutter:  Lastly, once you have implemented Rules 1 through 8 (ok, maybe just rules 2 through 8), clean – clean – CLEAN like you have never cleaned before.

Then sit back, pop the tea kettle on, throw the kids and dog outside, put your feet up and admire your efforts.

Now to keep it that way, once a month or even once every 3 months, run through the whole process again.  It will take less time and get you into the routine of having a neat, tidy, clean and clutter-free home.

Awww…..doesn’t that feel better?

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