Things you do for your Pet

This post is an inspiration from Anne (yes, YOU missy), she has the most adorable pet kitties.  I have never met them in person, but have seen gorgeous, funny pictures of them that she posts once in a while on FB.   Like this one…


Adorable aren’t they?  I love Sir Charles, he is the Black and White one with the Hitler ‘stache’….

Anyway, her inspiration for this post came from the lovely, knitted collars she made them.  Cute eh?

This brings me to the following question…..What odd, crazy, weird and/or wonderful thing have you made for your pet?

Made a tiara for your Budgie?

How about a Superman Cape for your Retriever?

Goggles for your Goldfish?

I have never done anything for my cats other than make them their annual catnip toys.  Just cut a rectangle out of an old T-shirt, sew up 3 sides, stuff to the brim with catnip, then try sewing up the last seam while 2 cats are mauling you to grab it.  Toss it to them and watch them go crazy.

Have a funny pet story? Insert it in the comment section below.  We all need a cute, heart-warming, funny pet story on a cold, frosty, Monday morning….

2 thoughts on “Things you do for your Pet

  1. To this day Nugget’s favorite cat nip toy is the one you made for him, which incidentally he put a huge whole in last night and there was cat nip everywhere 🙂

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