If I could raise chickens…..

I would have plenty of fresh eggs every day.  Fresh eggs are amazing.  You know where they came from and exactly how old they are.   Something you have no idea about with the ones purchased in the store. 

I would have fresh eggs for breakfast, eggs for baking my world famous chocolate chip cookies, or cakes and breads, making egg salad sandwiches, quiches and custards and of course, eggs for dying at Easter time.

But I don’t have any chickens.  Mainly because the city where I live would most certainly throw a hissy fit and demand their removal.  They … Read more...

Heirloom Pickerel Dinner

Our family loves to eat this tasty freshwater fish.  So much so that we eagerly await opening season in May and head out to *try* and catch dinner.  Sometimes we come back empty handed and therefore resort to cooking hamburgers for dinner, and of course sulk the entire time we are eating.

But when we are able to bring back some of these tasty morsels of the fish world, we are like kids at Christmas time.  Absolutely and positively excited about the dinner that is soon to hit the table.

This recipe is from my husband’s grandmother.  I was introduced … Read more...

Pickerel or Walleye….

They are called by either name depending on what side of the border you are on.  Canadians call them Pickerel.   Americans call them Walleye.  I call them DEE-LISH on my plate.  With a squeeze of lemon for good measure.

They are a freshwater fish with firm, white flesh and have been made famous by many a fishing show shorelunch excursion.  Italo…eat your heart out.

Catching a stringer full of pickerel is THE BOMB.

Yummy.  Yummy.  In my Tummy.

Depending on what lakes you visit in Ontario, there are limits as to how many you can catch/have in your possession at … Read more...