If I could raise chickens…..

I would have plenty of fresh eggs every day.  Fresh eggs are amazing.  You know where they came from and exactly how old they are.   Something you have no idea about with the ones purchased in the store. 

I would have fresh eggs for breakfast, eggs for baking my world famous chocolate chip cookies, or cakes and breads, making egg salad sandwiches, quiches and custards and of course, eggs for dying at Easter time.

But I don’t have any chickens.  Mainly because the city where I live would most certainly throw a hissy fit and demand their removal.  They have a silly by-law making sure the residents don’t raise farm critters within city limits and creating noise and nuisance to your neighbours.

Pfft…. if I wanted to annoy my neighbours, I could think of a hundred different ways to do just that…quite easily in fact.  But I don’t.  Cause I am nice. 

As for the Homestead up north, I could raise chickens there…but the problem is, I am not there all the time.  I would need to have someone go over and feed/water them and collect the eggs.  Those would be MY eggs they would be collecting… I can’t have that.  What’s the point in having chickens if other people get to keep the eggs?

So….looks like I will have to wait until retirement before I can raise some cluckers.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I can coax one of these ducks to start laying for me….after all, I am already feeding and watering them.  The least they could do is give me some eggs in return.

4 thoughts on “If I could raise chickens…..

  1. There’s got to be a better and easier way to get fresh eggs…try the Menonites…I have bought eggs from them at the Farmer’s Market at Square One, and yes they do taste different. Great read, Deborah.!

    • There used to be the ‘Egg Man’ at the Burlington Mall Farmer’s Market, but I have not seen him yet this year. Up here at the Homestead there is a farm a few miles down the road that says ‘Organic Eggs’ (whatever that means), I should stop in next week and grab some. and YES, they DO taste better! 🙂

  2. I would gladly send you some, but am afraid they would all arrive pre-scrambled. Just a thought, they make cheap self waterers, and feeders for the girls. If you made a friend, up north, who stays most of the summer, you could allow them to take the eggs on your off days. Perhaps you could share the expense of the birds and enjoy eggs together. When I went on holidays, a neighbour came by to check on the critters, she kept all the eggs that week and loves them. Farmers markets often have them, a little on the expensive side, I must say, but they do sell them. My son sells his extra eggs to friends, for cheap, it gives him some spending money and I get free eggs. We split the cost of the initial chickens and feed and now he needs to buy another 15 hens to keep up with the demand. He will increase the cost of his eggs in the fall, customers are very happy to pay him as he is just a young entrepreneur, and he has great puppy dog eyes.

    • I really appreciate the offer of you sending some, but I agree…they wouldn’t survive the trip ‘whole’ 🙂 I do have a neighbour up at the Homestead who would willingly look after chickens for me, they also used to raise rabbits…which mysteriously disappeared every fall…into their freezer. So I think that would happen with my chickens too 🙂 They are a lovely German couple we have been friends with for 25+ years and I know they would do anything for me, so maybe in a couple eyars, good idea on the self-watering/feeding doo-dad, never knew something like that existed! 🙂

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