Tomatoes by the BOATLOAD….

I think.  Just maybe.  I planted too many tomato plants.  For one person.  Me.


I have just cleaned off everything from all the plants (both regular and cherry toms) and sorted them by level of ripeness…..


A nice, pretty rainbow of tomatoes gracing my countertop.

The Cherry Tomatoes are representing the colours of Italy…or Mexico even.


I now have lots, and lots, and lots of tomato recipes to look through…. and use.

First up, roasting some more cherry tomatoes for the freezer (they are great as a topping on pizza, or tossed into an omelet).

Once the larger tomatoes …

Garden Harvest # 1…Peppers, Tomatoes, Garlic…and what is that in my pool?

I arrived home yesterday to a mini-bounty of vegetable goodies after being up at the Homestead for almost 2 weeks.  Usually when I have to leave the Homestead, I drag myself to my car kicking and screaming (not easy to do and the neighbours look at me funny) and then I proceed to pout for the entire 3+ hour drive.  I am not kidding, its true. Happens every week. I can’t help myself.

But yesterday I was actually a little… just a *little* excited about coming home.  Because I knew after such a long absence, there would be beautiful, colourful … Read more...