Tomatoes by the BOATLOAD….

I think.  Just maybe.  I planted too many tomato plants.  For one person.  Me.


I have just cleaned off everything from all the plants (both regular and cherry toms) and sorted them by level of ripeness…..


A nice, pretty rainbow of tomatoes gracing my countertop.

The Cherry Tomatoes are representing the colours of Italy…or Mexico even.


I now have lots, and lots, and lots of tomato recipes to look through…. and use.

First up, roasting some more cherry tomatoes for the freezer (they are great as a topping on pizza, or tossed into an omelet).

Once the larger tomatoes are fully ripe,  then it will more Tomato~Basil Jam and maybe some Tomato Mushroom Soup…. especially since it is the perfect time of the year for soup!

Once all the tomatoes are gone, I will have to begin buying them in the stores again….until next summer, when I can walk outside into my garden and handpick a beautiful, red, ripe tomato…..

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes by the BOATLOAD….

  1. my toms are still parked on the plants, I will pull them in soon. The weather man is threatening frost and they must find room in the house before a frost. Sauce and salsa will be on the menu, and maybe a few left frozen just to toss into soup. I am determined to make tomato soup again this year. I love the colours of Mexico-your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is waiting for next Feb:)

    • well that serves me right, I must have mentioned the word frost 3 times (like Beetlejuice) the weather gal gave us a severe warning on the news while I enjoyed my supper. Soooo, did I get to sit and relax after a long day and a satisfying supper? Hellz no, I had to find boxes and pull in my toms, pick and cover the peppers and long english cucs-I was stubborn, some plants were going to keep producing. So Hubs hauled in all the boxes of toms and I watched the mercury slowly drop. It was not a killer frost, but I did get a light touch, just enough to touch the tops of the plants. Autumn officially arrives on my calendar today 🙁

      • YOWZAS! Already?! We are under a heatwave for today, tomorrow and Friday…highs to 30C each day…2 days ago I was FREEZING… Sorry you had to get your butt out there last night, but better than the alternative! Now…you should have a bit easier time of it with all that advanced picking done 🙂

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