The Farmer in the…… Market

Nope, the Farmer isn’t in the Dell…he/she/they are at my local Farmer’s Market.  I just love going to the market.  Nothing screams summer like a Farmer’s Market chock full of fresh produce with Vendor’s hawking everything from cut flowers to ice cream… yes… ice cream and if it wasn’t for it being 8:10 in the morning when I arrived, I would have had an ice cream cone.

But I already had breakfast and was busy scarfing down some very yummy free samples of Smoked Salmon Paté on crackers.  SO DEE-LISH…. and of course, I had to buy a small tub … Read more...

I Can, You Can, Everyone is Doing the Can Can….

No, not the dance.  But something equally as exciting and so much more self-satisfying.  Unless you’re a gentleman watching some lovely French Ladies perform the time-honoured dance of the same name.  But we won’t go there….

I am talking about Canning.  Canning is preserving home-grown foods for consumption during the long, drawn-out, cold, miserable, kill your spouse for being cooped up with you for far too long Canadian winters.

DSC07094Kinda makes you appreciate all the efforts you expended tending to that garden in the nine-million degree heat all summer long.  Dealing with the cabbage worms that were eating your lettuce, … Read more...