Battle Of The HeadBands

Summer is finally here and as I cruise the highways and country roads on my way to various destinations, with the sunroof and windows wide open, tunes cranked and my sunglasses on…. I soon find the wind whipping my hair into my eyes, instantly making me curse my long locks, swearing when I get home I will grab the scissors and lop 8 inches off.  I spend more time driving with one hand while my other is constantly pushing hair from my face.

Major pita.

I have had many types of headbands over the years, and nothing seems to stay … Read more...

Rejuvenated Flip Flops Project

Last weeks Flip Flop Fashion Fad post was a teaser, like those trailers for every blockbuster movie that ever comes out touting it as THE must-see movie of the year.

My Flip Flop Project is no different.

I bet you were impatiently waiting all weekend for it too.

After Beta testing the flip flops fashion fad last week, I decided there had to be a better way to make these straps.  The on-line tutorial I found called for way too much fabric and the straps and knots ended up too bulky.  I like thin and streamlined straps.  Plus, there were … Read more...