Battle Of The HeadBands

Summer is finally here and as I cruise the highways and country roads on my way to various destinations, with the sunroof and windows wide open, tunes cranked and my sunglasses on…. I soon find the wind whipping my hair into my eyes, instantly making me curse my long locks, swearing when I get home I will grab the scissors and lop 8 inches off.  I spend more time driving with one hand while my other is constantly pushing hair from my face.

Major pita.

I have had many types of headbands over the years, and nothing seems to stay in place. elastic hair bands
They all slide out of my thin hair within minutes of putting them on.  From hair bands made out of the same material as hair elastics…. or the plastic bands with the teeth circa the 1960’s, Hair Bandto the funky banana clips of the 80’s, nothing seems to be able to keep my hair under control and not give me an instant headache from the pressure they exert on my head.  By the way, how many of you gals still have at least one banana clip hiding at the back of the linen closet? banana clip hair band

I could wear my cowboy hat, but that would just make me want to head to the nearest dude ranch, which would lead me to wanting another horse, which would lead to my husband divorcing me after I bought one.
So the cowboy hat really isn’t an option.

Last week I finally did something about it.  While I had my sewing machine out to do my Rejuvenated Flip Flop Project, I decided to make a headband out of leftover material (of which I have oodles of) so I can at least drive and be able to see Bambi before he jumps out in front of me and thus avoid making him into a hood ornament on my car.DSC09969_A

I free-styled a pattern about 30″ long and 3″ wide in the middle, tapering down to 1″ at both ends so it could be tied into a knot at the back of my neck.

Thus keeping the hair out of my eyes so I can keep my eyes on the road.


Now all the Bambi’s (and Thumper’s) out there are safe…from me anyway.

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