My Publishing Debut….

I know what you are thinking, she already ‘debuted’ a couple weeks ago…she must be losing it…But stick with me, this is different…this is for REAL publishing in a REAL magazine! 

Being a Realtor® here in Canada, we have access to some pretty awesome publications that are available to us and one of my favourites is REM – Real Estate Magazine (Canada’s premier business publication for the real estate industry, and yes, I took that from their site).

It is published once a month and when it comes in, I grab my cuppa tea and head over to the comfy couch to take it all in, cover to cover.  There are a couple of long-standing columnists that I look forward to reading as well as there are numerous articles and trends  that keep me abreast of what is happening in the real estate industry from coast to coast.   

Well, a few months back, after going through February’s issue and seeing a ‘cooking’ columnist (and it was about this time that I was developing this web/blog site) I thought, I can not be the ONLY Realtor® out there that enjoys gardening, there had to be others that would perhaps appreciate my trial and error attempts and small victories in my garden patch.

So with a leap of faith, I pitched the idea of ‘The Real Estate Gardener’ to the Editor and I was genuinely shocked that they indeed liked the idea! So after I picked myself up off the floor, I got started on editing the article I first sent in (apparently I had to whittle it down to 800 words….800 words! sheesh, do you realize how little that actually is?!) so it would fit into the space they were alotting me.

So, without further ado, here is the link to my publishing debut of ‘The Real Estate Gardener’ in REM Magazine…I hope you like it…

The magazine is put out in paper and an on-line format, so now I must get busy getting a couple months ahead on articles to send in…. I am so flippin excited!!! and just so you know…this blog post to the very end is 347 words.



4 thoughts on “My Publishing Debut….

  1. You are the bomb! Congratulations Deb. I have always enjoyed your witty banter and am in love with the written word … so very excited for you. Enjoy!

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