Christmas Countdown ~ Day 23

Holiday Wardrobe

Or lack thereof?  Tomorrow evening marks the first of 2 days of some serious, festive apparal.

So what’s in you closet? 

Does it fit?

Or have you have been into the Christmas Cookies too much already?

If not, there is still time to make a 100 m dash through the department store to see if there is anything left in your size.  You hope.

You don’t need to go all Vera Wang or Pierre Cardin either.  Be mindful of your holiday budget and purchase separates that can be worn throughout the coming year.  I love clearance racks and because I am cheap (ahem….frugal), usually that is the first place I source out in a store.  If they don’t have anything in my size on the clearance racks, then I will grudgingly look elsewhere and try to negotiate a better deal with the sales clerk – you know, like bartering for trinkets in Mexico…everything is so over-priced and we should be allowed to barter here.

Anyway, by now you have found something that doesn’t look like a black burlap sack with the lumpy potatoes in it and you skip out of the mall with prize in hand and geat ready to celebrate in your new found LBD (Little Black Dress)…or slacks and shirt if your a guy. 

Don’t forget the tots in the family either!

Enjoy the festivities over the next 2 days – just don’t overdo it, head back to Day 19’s post for a refresher if you have forgotten already!

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