Christmas Countdown ~ Day 22

It’s a Wrap!

Now that you have pretty much bought and/or made everything that is on your list…it’s time to get them all packaged up and festive looking in the couple days that we have left.

Some people are great at ‘wrapping as they go’….but what is the fun in that?

I like leaving it to the last minute and then spending an entire day surrounded by tissue and wrapping paper, scissors, ribbons, bows, nametags and tape.  Oops…almost forgot the two most important things…Christmas music and a Bailey’s on the rocks.

There…now I am all set.

If you are a really organized person (HA!), then you would have already done inventory of your wrapping supplies 3 weeks ago.  If not – then best grab your hockey helmut and shinpads and venture out to the nearest store to replenish.  Actually, if you wait long enough, you will get better deals on the supplies as the stores are trying to unload as much as possible right now.  Then you can raspberry the organized people who paid full pop for theirs.

Once home, get yourself into a wrapping groove and before you know it, the job will be done.  Then you can concentrate on the last meal planning items on your list and enjoy the next couple days of festivities! 

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