Technology is…..

Highly Frustrating At Times!!!

I must apologise to my readers for not realizing there was a glitch in the auto-notification section of this site.  Apparently, since just before Christmas, new post emails were not generated and sent out…..

This means….

you missed a bunch of important stuff!!!

But we are now back on track and if anyone thought I was AWOL and missed seeing the latest posts since my holiday break…here you go (just click on each link to access the post)

Today’s:  Smokey the Cowhorse

Yesterday’s: 1st GangUp Challenge of 2013 (this one is REALLY important!)

January 9th: Soup’s On!

January 7th: Fish On!

January 4th: E is for Exercise

January 3rd: Weight Loss Battle Tools

January 2nd: New Year…New Beginning!

This should catch you all up from the beginning of the Year.  Once again, I apologise for the technical difficulties.  I must get out the wet noodle to lash the host server…

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