Condo Kitchen Facelift

I am thrilled.  I am absolutely REALLY Thrilled.  No, wait, I think I am over-the-moon ECSTATIC that my horrid kitchen has been banished for good, maybe only haunting me in my dreams, but, I can finally say MY KITCHEN IS DONE!!!  I want to run up to the 17th floor of the building and holler from someone’s balcony on the Penthouse level (cause it’s higher than mine) that MY KITCHEN IS DONE!

Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea at least.  All it took was 6 working days to go from this….

Yellow Countertopto this….

DSC04332 DSC04331 DSC04329 DSC04326I adore it.  Everything.  From the paint colour (Chiptole Red – bet your surprised there eh?) The Blanco Silgranite sink (I had it in the house, loved it so much I had to put one in here), the drawer pulls, the countertop choice (bye bye yellow!), even the new cabinet above the fridge opening (it was removed years ago apparently).  EVERYTHING.

All this happened in 6 working days.  How you ask?  Well, I can unequivocally tell you that unless you are changing the layout of a kitchen, a facelift is the most economical choice for the majority of homeowners.  I am now a new fan of this concept.  New cabinet doors and drawer fronts are custom-made from your choice of a variety of styles and tones.  Countertops are simple, cheap and also come in a wide variety of colours and styles along with handles and drawerpulls.  At the end of the week, I have basically a brand new kitchen for less than half of a total gut job.

Now the hard part, putting everything back in the cupboards that had to come out.  It is a small price to pay though for having a beautiful kitchen that just boosted my home equity nicely!

Tonight I get to actually cook something in the oven for a change, instead of a microwave.



4 thoughts on “Condo Kitchen Facelift

  1. STUNNING, simply stunning!! Love the paint color … is it similar to what you had in your home that you sold? It is super fantastic!!! ENJOY


    • Thanks Ramona, I am super stoked 🙂 The paint colour at the house was Rawhide Ranch, more brown than red and since I already have a brown accent wall in the living room, went for the Chipotle colour 🙂

  2. Well no one can EVER accuse you of not having good taste. That is absolutely beautiful and I’m so very envious. Even though it’s the same square footage, it looks bigger. Nicely done my friend.

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