The Best of May

May has come and gone like a flash.  A welcome one for me though as the weather really didn’t cooperate for us here in Ontario.  Actually, April was really miserable too…combine a miserable, cold, wet April with another miserable, cold, wet May with only a few days of sun provided to keep my sanity, meant for a very cranky Homesteader….


There, now that that is out of my system…can we move on to summer please?

There was a glorious long weekend in May for both Canuck’s and Americans alike, albeit spanning 2 different weekends, which here in Ontario is the kickoff to the annual ‘cottage’ season and the start of summer camping and road trips.  Oh, and don’t forget about the Black Flies and Mosquitos, actually, they won’t let you forget about them, just keep yourself doused in repellent to limit blood loss and scratching of those itchy bites.

CampfireIn case you were out and about getting soaked in a rain filled tent or felt like swimming in 35F frigid lake waters to test your Canuck authenticity and missed some of my posts from May, here are the highlights.  Grab a mug of hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a Hudson’s Bay blanket and cozy up to some good reads….Enjoy!

How to Build a Pea Trellis ~ easy and cheap to make…my motto pretty much!

Smoothies ~ there is still time to get that beach bod ready.

Deer Repellent Spray ~ for the garden, not you!

How to Deer Proof a Raised Garden bed ~ yes, these critters will think your garden bed is the new Mandarin Buffet, so keep them out and your veggies IN.

Skinny Girl Chilaquiles ~ a healthy Mexican Makeover dish sure to please the taste buds without all the fat

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