Silent Garden Marauders

Rabbits are
and bring Easter Goodies,
BUT, they are also troublesome

RabbitI come home from the Homestead to find half the tops of my beets mowed down and ALL the pea plants gone. Zippo.  Nada.  Nothing left but dirt behind.  Strangely enough the carrots and lettuce were not touched…. I thought carrots were Bugs’ favourite vegetable…apparently peas are.

Here I was thinking I was being highly proactive in boarding up the two small entryways into the backyard located at opposite ends of the yard where critters had taken advantage of fencing being too high and were able to slip underneath.  Apparently a rabbit has found a way around those boarded up areas or created a new one…either way, it is time to take a more forceful approach in ensuring my garden harvest is for our family and not for the neighbourhood wildlife.

Time to build a 2 foot high fence around the garden made of wooden stakes and bird netting and/or chicken wire….and hopefully it will keep the pesky squirrels from digging in the garden as well since they can never remember where the heck they hid their nuts…..

If the fencing doesn’t work, then further (drastic) measures will be taken.  This undoubtedly will result in either Rabbit Confit or Fried Thumper Drumsticks being featured on next week’s menu.  With the added bonus of a nice, soft rabbit pelt to fashion into a clutch purse for my next craft project.

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