The Best of April

ZOOOM…… Another month whizzes by like a kid on a skateboard.  Where the heck does the time go?  Although I am pretty darn happy, no wait, I am ecstatic even… to be rid of April.  April Showers, April Snows, April Hails, April High Winds, Mother Nature threw the book at us in April.  She apparently is getting back at us from…what??? What’d we do to her??!! Don’t answer that…..

angry cloudInstead, concentrate on being here in the infant stages of May wondering, praying, and hoping that Mother Nature will finally deliver the nice, warm, Spring weather and keep it here.  She better, or I may just cancel my subscription to Mother Nature altogether and move to Mars.

In case you were under wooly blankets, refusing to venture out of the bedroom this past month, let me showcase the Best of April blog posts for you….so grab a cuppa tea (or coffee, or beer, or maybe a nip of Schnaaps) and sit and catch up on what you may have missed.

Spring Cleaning Your Closet ~ technically it is still Spring, so you are not late yet doing this annual chore….my tips to clear out clutter will help you finish the job in no time.

Cookbook Fetish ~ Seriously, I want to know who’s book inspired you to become the person you are today in relation to food.

When Life Hands You Lemons ~ Spring cleaning the old fashioned way, saving money and the planet in the process.

Knitted Market Bag ~ Local Farmer’s Markets will be setting up their tables soon and piling them high with fresh produce, you can knit one or two of these practical beauties in no time and ditch the plastic bags.

Top 5 Vegetables To Plant in Early Spring ~ Even though Mother Nature hasn’t cooperated thus far with really warm weather, now is actually the best time to take advantage of her cranky side to grow cool weather veggies.

Spring cleaning is still on my plate for May, things I didn’t get to in April because of the weather can be accomplished over the next week (I am hoping, if the forecast holds up), cleaning windows is top priority, as well as the dreaded hedge haircut that needs to be done.  More gardening on the horizon, vegetable seedlings to harden off before setting in the ground as well as the usual routines of cleaning, working, mowing the lawn, etc….

I think May is going to be a VERY busy month….

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