Spring Cleaning Your Closet

The sun now rises one hour earlier and the birds are singing at the top of their little lungs, announcing the arrival of Spring and wanting to get on to nest building activities.

We humans have our own rituals every Spring….and one of them is to clean out the closets and get ready for a brand new seasonal wardrobe.  But first you have to get rid of the clutter in those closets that is taking up your valuable real estate.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons To Clean Out Your Closet This Spring!

1.  You need to make room for your new Spring clothes, especially if you hit a gigantic sale at a newly opened Target store.

2.  If you managed to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions (I hate you..um.. I mean Good For You!), now is the time to say goodbye to those ‘I’m Too Fat For My Skinny Jeans’ clothes.

3.  Too much of one thing isn’t necessarily a good thing (like ice cream apparently), do you really need 10 pairs of jeans?

4.  Stop holding on to those items that have sentimental value, but are things that you will never actually wear again….plaid bell bottoms went out in the 70’s…highly doubtful they will come back in style for anything other than a revamped Kilt.

5. If an item is more than 10 yrs old, it does NOT qualify as Vintage, it is taking up valuable closet space – toss it!

6.  Pieces that still have price tags (Woop-Woop-Woop! Warning! You are a Shop-A-Holic!) and that you have not worn in a year, either sell them or pass them on to someone who will appreciate them.

7.  If you feel like you never have ‘anything to wear’ out of the mountain of clothes you own, it is probably best to de-clutter the clothes rack and pare down to the bare essentials of what you truly like, toss the rest of unused/unloved items.

8.  Dress for the size you are NOW, not the size you USED to be, letting go of these vestiges of past persona will help you become happier with who you are.

9.  Do you have an outfit and accessories for just about every conceivable occasion? Like the reigning in of a new Monarch?  Now is the time to take stock of what you have and organize your items so they are easily accessible as well as toss what you no longer realistically think you will ever use again.

10.  Warning! Starting with your closet may help you discover the lost motivation to de-cluttering the rest of your home.  Not my fault if it does, but you will feel happier with yourself and you can benefit your community by donating unwanted, but still worthwhile items.

Today I will be tackling my own closet(s)….yes, since the kids have grown and gone, I have taken over their closet spaces!  I am guilty of pretty much everything above…except the plaid bell-bottoms….

plaid bell bottoms

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Closet

  1. LMAO! love those bell bottoms, they made your feet look small in comparison to the ’80s football shoulders, then skinny legs on jeans that made you look like you had snow shoe sized feet.
    Closets will be overturned once the weather smartens. I remove all the winter clothes, except 3 pairs of yoga pants and 3 snuggly hoodies, and replace the space with colourful spring and summer wear. Need to hold onto the hoodies and pants for the cool nights while camping.
    Awaiting the first bon fire of the year, too much snow around the firepit to go out and enjoy yet. We can still ski doo safely on the yard.
    Plants are in the greenhouse and snow is covering the perenials, poor things want to sprout and are getting frost bitten tips. Soon! Soon!

    • 80’s football shoulders are a story for another time…I believe I still have some of those shoulder pad inserts kicking around somewhere too! 😉

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