I admit it…. I am a Crossword Puzzle-A-Holic.  I love the puzzles in the USA Today  paper (when hubby heads stateside occasionally, he brings them back for me  – Woot!), and when we are at the Homestead, we grab a copy of the local newspaper as they have 2 puzzles in every issue.   One is fairly easy, but the other is pull your hair out difficult, and when conquered, I feel like a World Champion…able to leap tall puzzles in a single bound.

Sunday mornings I can be found with at least 3 cups of tea and several Crosswords to work on.  I find them fun, challenging and downright frustrating  at times, but they keep me coming back for more.  It has been proven in the scientific community that puzzles keep your brain sharp – who knew these frustrating black and white gingham squares could be so useful?  and there is now a website that touts it will ‘exercise your brain’ too….. no free advertising here, but their commercials are on tv all the time, I am sure you have seen them.

Since I am such a lover of Crossword Puzzles, I decided to create one.  Pretty darn easy nowadays with the Internet too.  Lots of websites to choose from that will make a pretty basic puzzle for free.  There are more in-depth websites/programs, but they cost $$$ and I am cheap (frugal) after all.

This will now become a monthly venture.  It will be my gift to you puzzle lovers.  The puzzle will be in the form of downloadable .pdf and for the cheaters, you will not get the answer key until I publish the next month’s puzzle (I know, nice eh?).  Oh, and I made the puzzle with gray squares instead of black so your printer will not use as much ink/toner.

So here you go, The Northern Homestead’s First Crossword Puzzle…

(Click the image to download and print the .PDF)

Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice_JuneAnswer Key http://www.ournorthernhomestead.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Herbs-Spice-Answer-Key.pdf



7 thoughts on “Puzzled?

      • Thank you so much! Do you have another crossword? This one was great!! I am teaching a little herb garden class, and wanted to show my students. =)

        • Hi Alison! Thanks for your kind comments, unfortunately I have not made another one, but I should! After all, I am just getting my seeds out to sow indoors so maybe this is the kick I need to get another one done 😉

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