Mexico…Here I Come!

OK..maybe not at this very instant….but hopefully in the middle of the winter that will be here all too soon.  I can hope, pray, beg and plead and maybe, maybe…I will get to go…..

Meanwhile, for those that follow me on Facebook (if you don’t, here is the link: you know that I started my latest knitting project a couple weeks ago (yes, I still have the knitting bug).

I came across this gorgeous pattern on the Ravelry site, (seriously, if you have never been to this site and are an avid knitter/crochet person, you are missing out!) and I just HAD to make it.  It was calling my name so loudly I couldn’t hear hubby tell me he was going to clean the house and do the laundry…ok, he does do laundry, but he doesn’t clean…he is in charge of making messes, while I am in charge of cleaning….anyway, back to knitting…..

Utilizing size 6mm needles with 100% Mercerized Cotton yarn in a pale beige colour, it was a fun project to do, albeit following a chart pattern isn’t my strong suit and I only frogged it once after a couple rows in to restart, after that…smooth sailing till it was done.

There are only 2 pieces to the pattern, an identical front and back, which are then sewn together at the shoulders/sides…and Voila!

Here it is….

Mexico Poncho

It (and I) will look much better wearing it in Mexico….agreed?

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