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Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

The 3-D weather (Dark, Dreary & Damp) lately has made it feel like I have been transported to Ireland (no offence to Trishie et al).  It is so damp I think I have moss and mushrooms sprouting in my hair, just like my lawn, and I am  impatiently waiting for the well deserved heat and sun of Summer to make an appearance.

Meanwhile, we continue to BBQ despite the rain (or snow, we Canucks are hardy folks who love our BBQ’s) and this weekend is no exception as Sunday is Father’s Day.  One of the traditional BBQ days of the year.  There is also the annual Air Show happening in Hamilton that hubby and I are attending along with our daughter and son-in-law (their gift to Dad).  Hubby is very anxious to get up close and personal with the CF-18’s, or anything else that flies, goes fast and looks cool for that matter.  If he could scoff a ride in one he would as it is one of the things he has on the top of his bucket list.

It should be a fun-filled day…and to all the Dad’s out there…

Fathers Day pic

Here is next week’s menu, I hope not to sub anything this time
as we have been topsy turvy the past couple weeks.


This Weeks Menu


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