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Happy 1st Day of November!  Only 54 days left until Christmas…have you started your shopping yet?  If you are like me…hell no.. It is way too early to start even thinking about anything related to Christmas, besides, Halloween was last night and there are mountains of chocolate and candies to be eaten still.

Today is also one of the special days for those folks living in Mexico and other countries around the world.  Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where families celebrate and honour the lives of those that have died.  It typically commences on October 31st and ends on November 2nd.  They celebrate the lives of lost children and adults over the 3 days with altars that are laden with Comida (food) and Calaveras de Azúcar (Sugar Skulls), decorative and colourful skulls (calavera), costumes, parades and family gatherings and picnics at graves. Google Dia de Los Muertos for colourful images if you are curious.

With the short history lesson over, I think a Mexican meal on one of the days this week is a must.  The rest of the time over the weekend will see me nose deep in my weaving books and some knitting.  Most of the outdoor chores at the Homestead were done last weekend so it’s time to settle down into a comfy, ‘winter’ routine and enjoy the changing landscape.  Walking this time of year is exhilarating too, the fresh, cold air snapping your lungs into action.  I had to pull the mitts, hat and scarf out to walk this past Monday, a safe bet to say this will continue until next April.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, don’t eat too much candy or you will not fit into your LBD (little black dress) come Christmas.

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