Monster Mash

In years gone by, when the kids were younger, I used to get excited about Halloween.  Not only for the opportunity of snitching chocolate bars and candy from their stashes (I am sure they knew I was pilfering now and then) but also for creating and making their costumes, carving pumpkins and decorating the house.

Since both kids are now grown and gone, most of the fun has also gone with them.  Except for the music.  There are some Halloween songs that I still get a kick out of (movies too, Halloween isn’t Halloween without The Rocky Horror Picture Show), but my all time favourite Halloween song is The Monster Mash (link will open in another window and take about a minute to start, be patient, remember to turn your speakers up!).

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett will live on forever with his goofy, Halloween themed music that he truly enjoyed singing.  For a complete list of his original songs, you can go to:

Happy Halloween!!!

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