Meet Bob

He is a hard worker.  Never complains.  Doesn’t leave dirty socks on the floor or leave the toilet seat up.  Nor does he run for the beer fridge at the 5 o’clock whistle.


Sounds like a dream doesn’t he?  I bet you had a Bob just like I do.

Why the name Bob you ask?  Well, most people that acquire a loom give it a name, and most often that name is a feminine one.  A friend of mine asked what I was going to call her…..but my husband came up with the name instead.  Therefore it is a ‘He’, and hence his name is Bob.  Since I found him in the loft of a barn full of musical instruments,  a makeshift music studio so to speak, he must have been a studio rat.

So his name will stay.

Bob will have to be patient with me while I learn how to operate him, thankfully he is a loom and not a husband teaching a wife to drive.  Otherwise he would end up a pile of kindling for the woodstove…..

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6 thoughts on “Meet Bob

  1. Wow, and I’m worried about finding space here to store an electric knife. That looks impressive but I think I’ll stick to my crochet needles. I have visions of my hair tangled up in there and being two inches too far from the phone to call for help. Be careful! 🙂

    • LOL! I shall be extra careful, and keep the cordless phone attached to my pants on a tether 🙂 (Nice to hear from you, it has been a while!)

  2. We grew up with one of these in our house. My parents made rag rugs. Even as little kids, we helped out with winding balls of rag strips, or filling the shuttles with rags. As adults, every Christmas, we’d get a new rag rug. Dad passed away in 2006 and Mom is in assisted living… but none of the kids has room for the loom in their house. So sad.

    • Awwww…that is such a sad ending to a beautiful life history of your parents and their loom. Have you considered donating it to a local Guild?

    • Yes, it is a Leclerc, circa 1950’s so I was told by the owner of a weaving supply / loom seller. She knows her stuff and knew by looking at a picture what vintage it was. It is an old Mira (a workhorse) and was made to do rugs but will also do fine silk and everything in between! I am estatic to have Bob in my home!

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