Christmas Countdown ~ Day 11


Have you started on your home-made gift items list yet? If not, you are in serious trouble with only 14 days left.  So what do Home-Made gifts have to do with UFO’s?

UFO’s are “Un-Finished Objects”

You know, those crafty things you start every year for family members but never finish them all and the un-finished ones are stuffed in the back of your craft closet awaiting completion….some year.  Now I know you have the best of intentions every year, but usually Father Time has a way of kicking you in the teeth and yanking time out from under your feet.

Be realistic about the time, skill and ability it takes to complete these treasures along with everything else on your To-Do list.  Plan to complete at least 2-3 gifts per week, lumping gift items into one ‘theme’ can help you get the job done quicker.  Themes can be hats, scarves or mitt sets.  Slipper Socks for the nieces and nephews.  Scrapbooking for your kids, these all take time, but if you have a theme, it can be easier to plan and execute as well as you will use up any ‘extras’ from the craft store from one gift to the next.

Working daily or weekly crafting time into your schedule will make it easier to see projects through to completion and have your family members marveling on how you manage to get through it all – with a smile even!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown ~ Day 11

  1. you are suppose to finish those projects?!?! OH! tee hee, I used to have roughly 5 unfinished projects laying around at all times. I set a goal, completed many and now I have a system to stay organized-don’t start anything new. Not true, I sewed and fixed many patch quilts this fall. Also managed to get a couple scarves made to give as gifts of love. After Christmas, I am digging out my afghan again to sit and crochet every night until complete.

    • fixing patch quilts are not new items, they are items in the shop for repair and therefore in a different class 😀 glad you have a system! sometimes I get a head of myself with grand ideas….till Father Time arrives 😛

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