Christmas Countdown ~ Day 12

Décor Inventory

If you haven’t yet ventured into the recesses of your attic or basement…then do this FIRST before you head off to wander the land of disheveled décor.  Grab a pad of paper and a pen and then poke your head into the cobwebbed areas of décor holdings and get ready to perform an inventory list.  This will serve 2 purposes…

1.  It gives you a detailed list of WHAT exactly you have amongst the many bins and boxes.


2.  It gives you the opportunity to divest yourself of stuff that no longer ‘fits’ your decorating style or is broken and beyond repair.

Anything that is broken – toss, why hang on to something that no longer can serve its purpose?  I was guilty of this last year (ok, every year for the past 30 it seems), and after Christmas, I went on a purging spree in my crawl space and got rid of sooooo much broken or stuff I was no longer using.  Purging is highly under-rated in my opinion!

For stuff you want to keep, inspect it closely for any flaws, specifically lighting.  In the past few years with the new LED lights replacing the old strings of incandescent bulbs, now is your opportunity to start saving energy and some stores will even give you a credit towards new strings for old ones.

Once you have a detailed list of what you want to keep, come Boxing Day, you can join the fray of harried buyers looking for great deals to supplement your standby’s with some new and fresh ideas for next year (at bargain prices too).  Don’t forget to update that new inventory list so you will know what have next year beforehand.

Lastly, after the Holiday Season is over and you are ready to pack up your bling, grab a couple of large, plastic tote bins to carefully pack and store your décor items so that next year when you haul the stuff out – it will be neat and organized and contain just the things you want to display.

Now you are Ready and Set… TO DECORATE!

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