Happy New Year!

Well thank goodness 2013 is over. It has not been a stellar year for our family (too many illnesses) and Mother Nature flexed her muscles giving us a gigantic headache with the dock and water issues, so we are anxiously looking forward to 2014 hoping it will be a boring year….don’t think we can take anymore ‘events’ like the ones seen in 2013.

All the best to everyone for a Safe, Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Cheers to that Deb.I am looking forward to 2014 as 2013 was a difficult year for the Ryan clan. But we made it through with love and laughter. I just look to this year being more of those two things. Have a great vacay and look forward to hearing all about it!!! Enjoy and relax!

    • Hi Sue! Definite cheers to 2014….I really shouldn’t have anything to complain about after what you have gone through this past year! hugs to you and hope you continue on the road to a full recovery! 🙂

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