Growing Peppers in November

In Canada Even!  Amazing?  Incredulous? 

No, not really….but I had to make it sound exciting didn’t I?

2 months ago I brought 2 pepper plants inside so the remaining peppers that were on them could finish growing.  A Poblano Pepper plant and a Serrano Pepper plant.  They both had at least 8-12 peppers on them.  But the peppers really didn’t get much larger, even with a dose of fertilizer every 2 weeks.

I went to water them the other day and noticed three of the Poblanos are turning red.  Well then, they obviously think they are ready to be picked, even if their size belies it.

Last year my Poblanos produced really large peppers and lots and lots and lots of them.  So many that I had bags and bags of diced peppers in the freezer.  This year, different story, small plants, small fruit, small amount of fruit, nothing in the freezer to hold me over until next summer….

Odd.  Same plants as last year, same location, same amount of TLC and I get 2 different results….

So tomorrow I will pick the peppers and give the plants a heave-ho to the compost pile and then revise my planned pepper planting plot next summer (say that 10 times fast!).

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