This Week’s Menu

Last week’s menu didn’t work out as planned…we moved Tuesday’s to Friday, Friday’s to Wednesday, canceled Thursday’s outright…and I ended up changing my mind on yesterday’s too!

This coming week is going to be downright hectic as well… with all the hoopla of Easter, throw in the elbowing of crazed grandma’s to get at the best chocolate bunnies, preparing the annual Easter Paska for Easter Sunday Dinner as well as packing to spend the long weekend up at the cottage….  oh…and I think I have an actual job to do in the midst of all of the above…..I have sooooo much to prep for in sooooo little time.

This week we are VERY excited about Friday’s Pickerel dinner as we kept 2 of the highly prized fish squirreled away in the freezer from last year’s fishing season.  We now have a very long wait ahead until pickerel season opens on the May long weekend.  Remind me to start digging for worms once the ground thaws…

Here is your weekly dinner inspiration….

maple leaves green frameRecipe Links:

Chipotle Pork Tenderloin
Heirloom Pickerel Dinner
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

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