How To Get Rid Of Fuzzy White Mold On House Plants

You know the stuff…the little grayish-white fuzzy puffballs that suddenly spring up about a week after you plant your new garden seeds.  It blossoms across the surface of the soil and if you have planted your seeds in peat pots, soon the entire outside of the container will resemble one of the guitars from ZZ Top.

So what do you do???

Easy, go buy a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide…Yup, the same stuff you tried to bleach your hair with back in the 70’s to try and look like Farrah Fawcett.

DSC09275Add 2 Tbsp of Hydrogen Peroxide to 2 Cups Water.  Water your seedlings (or any houseplants) with the solution and the next day – poof! No more fuzzy white stuff on the soil. I was amazed at how fast it worked too as usually I am a skeptic with internet-based cure-all claims.

The peroxide in low concentration will not harm seeds, seedlings or any plants, it just kills off the existing mold and deters it from coming back.  Use as a preventative measure once a month on all your houseplants for a fuzz-free potting medium.

Your houseplants will thank you!

10 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Fuzzy White Mold On House Plants

  1. Do you know what causes the mold to grow? The mold is taking over my succulent planter and looks like it’s killing one of my plants. I’m going to keep using this solution, but was wondering if you had any additional tips of keeping my plants save from the mold.

    • Too much moisture is why it starts. Try watering less often. Let the surface of the dirt totally dry out between waterings. Once you let it dry out, then use the solution to water. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, Do I need to physically remove those leaves which are close to the soil first before I use the hydrogen peroxide or can I water right on the mold?

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