Spring! Has Hopefully Arrived….

Today marks the Vernal Equinox…better known as
the First Day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring CrocusAt 7:02 a.m. EDT, we march into a brand new season filled with warmer temperatures and the rebirth of flora and fauna….

Now will someone tell Old Man Winter to buzz off? I am sick of the white flurries that have been flying around the last 2 days….

Not only it is a Special Day for the beginning of Spring….but it is also a VERY Special Day in that it is also our daughter’s birthday.  Laura was born on the first day of Spring and her personality is just like the bright, Spring flowers bursting from the ground….and to celebrate, I have brought along a few snapshots of her from over the years…

Here she is on her 3rd Birthday ~ Care Bears in hand…

Laura_Care_Bears_1She also joined her mom on the riding circuit,
this is her on my Albino Palomino mare Lady…

Laura_on_Lady1and here she is today…all grown up with her hubby…


We wish you a Happy Birthday Sweetie!

There…aren’t you glad I chose these photos to share with the world?
Could have been worse! 🙂

Mom and Dad

One thought on “Spring! Has Hopefully Arrived….

  1. Happy Birthday Laura!

    As a little girl, you were a cutie and as a grown woman, you are beautiful. Scott is lucky!

    Have a great day!

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