Signs Of Fall

The Autumnal Equinox officially happened yesterday at 4:44 p.m.  Prior to Sunday though, it had already felt like Fall the past couple weeks.  The sun has been much lower in the sky with the days noticeably shorter, and cooler.

The cheery summer warblers, thrushes and sparrows have all vacated the north, departing at least 2 weeks ago for a warmer climate.  The last hummingbirds were seen at the feeder  a week ago Sunday.  The feeder has since been taken down and washed, replaced by a suet feeder for the chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers who live here year round. Fall Leaves and chair_1

The leaves are changing into their spectacular fall colours, and weird looking fungi are sprouting up everywhere.  The planter baskets and garden beds have been cleared out and put away for winter but I still need to get some garlic planted for next summer’s harvest.  I best get that done this week.


With Fall officially here, the furnace has been turned on, sweaters and thicker socks are being put into use and the homestead afghan is now in the final stages of completion.  The second panel is almost 6 feet long, which is a great bonus as I can continue knitting while draping its length over my legs and feet warding off any chills.

Homestead Afghan

It is also time to haul out the soup pot.  Time for hearty and flavourful soups and stews that will warm you to your toes and fill your belly with the best that autumn has to offer.  Butternut and Acorn squashes, pumpkin muffins and fresh apple pies made from homemade apple pie filling.  All will take center stage in the coming weeks.

apple pie filling

Summer has officially ended, so I guess I really have no choice but to embrace the next season that is now upon us, and guess what?  There are only 179 more days until the First Day of Spring!

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