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The first full day of Fall is Sunday.  I am sad. Very sad.  After Sunday, you will find me buried under my duvet with my cherished pillow refusing to come out until next Spring.  It seemed like just a few weeks ago I was planting my tomato and pepper seedlings.  Now I am harvesting the last of the fruit and composting the remains.  I even put my canning pot away the other day, although I will probably haul it back out next week or so if the Green Monster offloads more tomatillos before a frost hits.

This weekend will hopefully see (weather permitting ~ fingers crossed) the dock put back together and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to pop the boat in water and go fishing.  We have not gone out once yet this year due to not having anything to tie the boat up to.  Well, that isn’t quite true, we could tie it to the support beams, but then we would be walking an OPP’s Drunk Line getting out to it.  Best not to break any hips falling into a rock crib.

This week’s menu still features ‘summer meals’, mainly because I am in denial of the impending change of ‘season’.  To brighten my spirits, I bought a small basket of first of the season apples at the market this week and I think a nice apple crisp with vanilla ice cream will follow up Beef Sammie night.  Warm, ooey-gooey, cinnamony apples smothered with caramel sauce.  Yum…ok, just maybe, I can get into this Fall thing if good stuff like this keeps up.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend, get out and enjoy the sunshine and warmth wherever you are.  Snow’s a comin’ soon….speaking of which, I better get knitting something warmer.

Here is next week’s menu, feel free to pilfer ideas for yourself.

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