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Busy.  Busy.  Busy.

That just about sums up our weekend.  Saturday’s weather was gorgeous, so hubby took advantage of the sun and warm temps to continue on with fixing the dock that was damaged during last April’s freak ice show put on by Mother Nature.

Dock PieceFirst was making a 33′ long side section that will sit on top of the frame timber on the left side of the dock.  Fashioned from a double set of 2′ x 10’s screwed together, the beast weighed a TON.  It sure looked purdy sitting up on the blocks….but then we had to haul it to the water and get it into position to be bolted down.  Which wasn’t easy, and left me with a bruised right forearm for my efforts.

DockThere, part one done, many more parts still to go…

Juvenile LoonWhile hubby was standing in the water attaching the piece to the dock, a juvenile loon was showing off his fishing skills under the watchful eye of his nearby mama.  Who called out to her charge once she realized he was getting a little too close to us for her comfort level.

I had seen fuzzy babies riding on their parents back, but had not had the opportunity to see one almost full grown and learning to fish on his own.  Truly a beautiful moment watching these gorgeous creatures of the North country.

While hubby was puttering with the dock, I was puttering with the gardens.  I de-tomatoed the last of the tomato plants, relegating the stems and stalks to the compost heap and filled up the small, beachside flower garden with planter soil from the cherry tomato planter.  No sense wasting good potting soil, and it will help the small space hold moisture next summer.

Beach FlowersI wish I could remember this flowers name…but I didn’t keep the seed packet.  It is a perennial, so it will come back next year.

Bumble MarigoldThen this guy was found wandering the marigolds, trying to gather as much pollen as possible before the flowers disappear for winter.

On Sunday, the weather turned drastically and we ended up with rain for the afternoon/evening.  I finished up the last of the tomatoes turning them into my spicy pasta sauce and aside from a couple batches of tomatillo salsa, the canning season is fast coming to an end.  The gardens at home will be dismantled in the coming weeks which will make for some additional free time…for knitting….and fall closet organization….yipee!

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2 thoughts on “Random Weekend Stuff

  1. Great job with the dock. I hope the storms leave it alone after this.

    That pink flower looks like a Nicotina but I could be wrong.

    The view from your place looks so beautiful and peaceful that no wonder you love coming there.

    • Yes Lydia, I do believe that is the flower, it rings a bell 🙂 We adore our “casita por el lago” (cottage by the lake) and really hate when we have to head back south. If the weather holds this coming weekend, the dock will be all put back together!

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