Ewe Send Me Spinning

Last week my daughter and I went yarn shopping.  Just writing that sentence is a big load off my shoulders.  You know, like admitting your a crack addict (something Rob Ford can’t bring himself to do), and now my daughter, through my enabling efforts, is also hopelessly addicted to yarn just like her mother.  Thank goodness it’s an addiction cheaper than crack.

We planned a day together last week to go fiber shopping and she had been to a yarn shop before in a neighbouring city, but I hadn’t, mainly because I would not be able to control myself if I went alone.   So I relented and let her give me a guided tour of the shop, which was located within the walls of an old Victorian home…which is another fetish of mine, I just love old Victorian style homes.  Each room was crammed with a different yarn weight.  And I do mean crammed.  You could hardly walk for bins and cubbies stuffed with yarn everywhere.  It was literally sensory overload.  Like a kid walking into a candy store (I know lame analogy, but I already used the crack line).

We started in the sock yarn room.   I just stood, staring, with my mouth wide open and I am sure a little drool escaping.  Then…whammo..as soon as I saw the colour of this  stunning skein of yarn, I had to have it.   IMG_20140226_115035Actually, it leaped off the shelf and nose-dived into my hand.  A kamikaze skein of yarn, I swear.  So I couldn’t very well deny it from coming home with me.

I held on tightly to the cobalt-blue skein while she showed me the rest of the shop.  We shuffled from room to room, oohing, awing and fawning over all the pretty colours and textures.  This was turning into sheer torture.  I bet this is the kind of torture the authorities would impose for unruly knitters and crafters.  Taunt them with gorgeous skeins of yarn but don’t let them touch it or use it.  I best behave myself then and not become unruly.

With a few projects in mind, I was having a heck of a time settling on just what to get.  The options were too many and my mind was frantically trying to catch up to the visuals of seeing all the wonderfully spun fibers.

With daughter rummaging in a bin for a colour match to a hat and gloves she was planning, I descended on the sock room again and came out with 4 more luscious skeins of woolen beauty.

DSC00788Once home,  it was time to find patterns to go with them….back to cruising the internet aisles and after careful consideration I settled on a cowl pattern for the cobalt blue as well as a couple sock patterns for the others.

I can hardly wait to start on them,  but first I need to finish my current project before starting another.  My cardinal rule is to always finish one project before starting the next….but wait, I just ran out of yarn on the other project and had to order more…so I guess that is a *technicality* that I can take advantage of?  isn’t it? I mean really now, who can sit idly watching t.v. after supper without keeping their hands busy?

Shhhh….don’t answer that question…

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9 thoughts on “Ewe Send Me Spinning

  1. Great post! I think you made the right choice with the blue skien, a cowl would be lovely 🙂 is the pattern on your ravelry?

      • I just took a look! Very pretty, I’m assuming it’s the one with what looks like lots of yarn overs? The yarn I purchased is in queue, I’m working on the lace and cable cowl using the royal alpaca yarn you used for your scarf 🙂 you would be so proud I fixed a dropped stitch several rows down all by myself! … With the help of youtube 🙂

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