Next Weeks Menu

We are approaching the middle of JUNE already??!!  Didn’t I just make a menu board up a few days ago for the 1st week of June?  Sheesh, life is so busy that one day flows into the next and snowballs from there….speaking of snowballs, talk about COLD here lately, may as well drag the parka out of storage if this cold front hangs around any longer.

Meanwhile, I am still on my BBQ kick, actually, we BBQ all year round, but it somehow tastes better when you can tend to the BBQ without said parka and mukluks on.  We have a couple repeats on the menu this week from last week, mainly because they were subbed at the last minute due to circumstances beyond our control (work usually) or time simply gets away and we grab something so that we can eat before 10 pm.

The weatherperson is calling for a nice, warm, sunny weekend…HA! I will believe it when I see it.  But here’s hoping it is sunny and warm wherever you are…and feel free to pilfer ideas from my menu to enjoy over your weekend.


maple leaves green frame

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