Bike Butt

Hubby and I started bicycling last weekend on the country roads surrounding the Homestead.  We are doing our part to be more active as we get older, plus, as much as we love walking, biking in Northern Ontario in the summer means you can go faster than the Deer Flies can fly.  Seriously, these insect vampires will leave welts as they take a chunk out of you.  So hubby pulled his bike out of mothballed storage and I pilfered (ok, I asked first) our daughters bike as mine had rusted out eons ago.

The first day was fun, exhilarating, and tiring, especially since neither of us had been on a bike in oh….20 yrs or more.  The next day, we eagerly laced up our runners to head out again for another ride and as we jumped on the bikes and settled down onto the seat to pedal off….

OWWWW!!! What the HE@#$% is THAT??!!!

We both hollered and immediately stood up on the pedals, the searing pain taking us completely by surprise.  I call it Bike Butt ~ a new term that I just made up.  If there is a more formal, well-known term (that I obviously do not know about), then please enlighten me.

Here I thought I would have never bruised that part of my anatomy ever again since giving birth twice…as for hubby, good thing our child-rearing days are long over….poor fella.  By the way, neither of us even had an inkling that that part of us was sore as the other furniture we sit on has at least 4-6″ of good stuffing that isn’t mashed up our butts.

We managed a half hour ride by mostly keeping our weight OFF the bike seat, only doing so when absolutely necessary as seriously, the pain was incredible.  No amount of butt wiggling in search of a less painful spot found any relief.

By the third day, the pain was still there when we set out on the bikes, but it wasn’t near as bad (thankfully) as the previous day.  Here’s hoping a few days off while we head back south gives our bike butt soreness time to heal.  While there, I think I will see if there are any new, cushier seats at the local bike shop, or…. I will fashion some leftover furniture grade micro-foam padding into a bicycle seat…either way, something has to be to made to cushion our butts.

Time heals all wounds they say?
Hopefully it does the trick for Bike Butt too, if not, maybe this stuff will work….

Bike Butt

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