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Another week has flown by, which means Father Time must have installed a jet engine and ditched the traditional feathered wings.  I am guessing Top Gun must be his favourite movie…..

This weekend should see us raking up the last of the leaves (weather permitting) as well as pulling the remaining late blooming annuals from the gardens.  After this weekend, there pretty much won’t be anything left to do outside but watch the landscape turn from a colourful fiesta into a drab grey/brown business suit to be followed by a pristine white gown.  Yes.  I hate to burst your bubble, but the white stuff will soon be flying.

Up at the Homestead, the chances of snow flurries arriving sooner than back down south are good odds.  You pretty much pull out the snow shovels the same weekend you put the garden tools away.

This week was crazy busy back south, a little bit of regular work mixed in with the usual household chores, a small sewing project and the obtaining of my newest hobby – the loom.  We are also at the start of our family ‘Birthday Season’, son-in-law turned the BIG 4-0 the other day and this weekend marks hubby’s special day followed by about 5-6 others over the course of the next few weeks (yours truly included).

The Happy Birthday song will be seriously over-played like The Monster Mash this time of year.  Speaking of The Monster Mash, I bet there will be a ton of adult Halloween parties this weekend too, so if you are out celebrating, please don’t drink and drive, or you may just end up a real zombie instead of the fake one you dressed up as.

Stay safe and have a fun weekend!

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