A Loom With A View

Yes, a new hobby has been born.  As if I don’t have enough of them….gardening, sewing, knitting, cooking, fishing, to name a few…so I am adding a new one to the resume.


On a Loom

The old-fashioned way of making fabric.

I have no idea at the moment how to do it, but that is the fun of trying out new things.  I can picture myself in the not so distant future retired, sitting in the front room of the cottage overlooking the ever changing landscape of the lake, weaving colourful projects for friends and family alike.

I do believe my family thinks I am bonkers, but hey, if you don’t have a hobby that makes you happy, then you just may well be a very bored sad person.  As hubby puts it…

Happy Wife ~ Happy Life!

and I am indeed happy.  One of my cousins mentioned that she thinks I was switched at birth from an Amish family…could be, but most likely not, how would I write a blog and use electricity if I was Amish?  Silly girl…. I am a Canuckian/Ukrainian through and through.  Right down to my perogie and borscht fetish and often use of the word ‘Eh?’.

So over the course of the next couple months, you may hear me cursing as I try and figure out this loom business, with the good, the bad and ugly mistakes that are sure to follow.  I figure the biggest hurdle was getting the thing apart and transported home and then put back together again.  A giant Tinkeroy set conquered of which I couldn’t have done without the help of my son-in-law, furniture-taker-apart-and-put-it-back-together extraordinaire.  He was awesome and it only cost me a few beers and a steak dinner.  Well worth it if you ask me.

LoomHere is my 45″ Nilus Leclerc Counter-Balance Loom, made in Canada, circa 1970’s.  I think.  There is no date on it that I can find, but the book that came with it is dated 1971 so I assume the loom was made around that time.

Next on the To-Do list is to get a good weaving instruction book, view some you-tube videos and acquire some yarn….and get to weaving.

Then all I need is a good view…

Signature copy

4 thoughts on “A Loom With A View

  1. If ita tually a leClerc, andnothandmade like mind, I think it is a “Mira”. Sorry Deb’s hubby,for sucking her into a new hobby!

    Do I see the foundations for astudio on the lake?????

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