Next Week’s Menu….

Has returned.  Just in time for Fall.  Which is apparently around the next bend in the road, you know the one, the one with the dead birch tree that split into 5 pieces when it fell and hit the rock outcropping.

I have to stop here and mention something before I continue….Today is the Northern Homestead’s 300th Blog Post!!  2 1/2 years has gone by since I started this blog and I have reached a new milestone.  Hope you all are enjoying it as much today as when I started and I thank all my readers for faithfully tuning in every day.  Now back to today’s post….

After a lazy summer filled with last-minute, slapstick meals (with the odd exception of a planned meal for company), it is time to get back on to a weekly menu routine.

I do find if I stray from the chosen weekly menu, my grocery bill inches up, and we can’t have that.  What the heck are budgets for anyway?  We need to tighten the financial grocery belt as well as the figurative one.  Summer will soon be but a fond memory of splashing in the lake, staring up at dark skies filled with bright stars and warming ourselves by a roaring fire…and eating to our hearts content….. BBP (baggy butt pants) are a less than desirable result to overindulgence.

So here we go, the first menu of the pre-Fall season.  Featuring a last hurrah homage to Summer in the form of a BBQ steak treat with some much needed salads to be shoved into our yaps.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  See you Monday.

maple leaves green frame

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