A Yen For Yarn

Yen.  Urge.  Desire.  Longing.  Is that feeling that washes over you when something so spectacular presents itself that you just have to touch it.  To pick it up.  To marvel at it.  To take it home.  Actually, I do believe that is what happened to me when I met hubby so long ago…..

But now it is me with yarn (although I am still nuts for hubby).  I picked up a few balls of clearance yarns a few weeks ago, with projects jumping out at me with every one I fondled.  Yes, I fondle yarn.  I don’t grope yarn, that would be bad, but fondling is OK.  It is cozy, soft, squishy, warm and comforting.  I wonder if there are any established yarn-a-holic anonymous groups I could join?  Maybe I should start one.  We could have our weekly meetings in local yarn shops and give out a prize (a ball of yarn!) to the person who abstains from buying anything.

The first yarn is a beautiful, vibrant fingering made by Schoeller+Stahl in their Fortissima Socka Mexiko brand (now discontinued – boohoo!).  It is a variegated, six colour palette ranging from beige, to black, to lemon yellow, followed by purple, fuschia and aqua.  Socks! it screamed at me, make me into a pair of socks!

Pinata Socks

So here we are, one sock done, the other on its way.  I had intended these to be for my daughter, but I realized she wouldn’t appreciate the colours as much as I do.  Therefore I exercised my female right to change my mind and keep them for myself.  I will call these my ‘Piñata Socks’, because the yarn reminds me of the colourful piñatas of Mexico.

Next up, a couple balls of 100% Handicrafter Cotton yarn, again, in vibrant shades.  One ball makes a dishcloth, I see 2 dishcloths to be made in the very near future, with one obviously in the works…


I also have 8 balls of ‘Drops’ ice blue mercerized cotton yarn ordered from Garnstudio to be made into a poncho like this one.  This is for my husband’s cousin, who noticed the Facebook post of my finished poncho a while back and begged me to make one for her.  That is next in the queue to start.


Unless something else comes along.

I need help….

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2 thoughts on “A Yen For Yarn

  1. Your love of yarn reminds me of my mother.

    Mother taught us kids to knit and crochet when we were young and always has some project on the go, from doilies to baby sets, to toddler dresses for her only granddaughter, to afghans, to sweaters with all sort of other items in between.

    Any time she went to town, if she found yarn on sale, she couldn’t resist buying it and after she died, I inherited several half finished projects as well as several green garbage bags of rainbow-coloured balls of yarn that would have lasted me for years if I even finished one project a week, (which of course I couldn’t).

    I kept some yarn and donated the rest to ladies that knit articles for the hospital tuck shop and saw much of the yarn worked into many mitts, socks and baby sets on sale there. The half finished projects I finished or had someone else finish for me and now treasure those things in my home.

    “Hoarding” yarn must run in the family because I too have had containers full of yarn, as you have. Yarn is a wonderful thing to collect and one that only a true knitter can appreciate.

    • I know I come by it honestly from Baba. The other side of the family had nothing to do with knitting, crocheting or even sewing anything other than a button. Being her only granddaughter spoiled me and set me up for a lifetime love of arts and crafts. 🙂

      The hospital auxiliary are wonderful organizations that do great work for preemies, cancer patients, etc. and I can see myself knitting for them in the future when I retire and have more time on my hands.

      Thanks for chiming in 🙂

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