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It is time for another Long Weekend in Canada!
This coming Monday marks our Country’s 146th Birthday.

Pretty much half the population of Southern Ontario will jam the 3 major highways heading north on Friday afternoon, all desperate to escape the city and relax in their quiet, lakeside settings with plenty of food, fun and frivolity (and beer too).

We are no different, except we will be leaving at the crack of dawn Friday to avoid the ‘Indianapolis 400’….better known as Highway 400 heading north from Toronto to Barrie.  The worst stretch of highway for traffic in the summertime on Friday afternoons.  It soon becomes a parking lot of hot, tired, cranky parents with ill-tempered children whining ‘Are We THERE YET?!’ over and over.  Parents will down a two-four of beer once there to calm down from the drive and the kids will run amuck in the lakes screeching at the sight of leaches while trying to catch minnows.

Aw yes, a good ‘ol Canadian long weekend makes getting there worthwhile.

From My Family to Yours, I hope you all enjoy a Safe & Happy Holiday Weekend!

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