Muskoka vs Adirondack


Spurred by a website article from, and knowing there is indeed a difference to the two chairs…. I set about googling images of both, to confirm what I already knew.

That there is definitely a difference in the two chair types, with the descriptor being used by the country of origin, sometimes fiercely too.

The Adirondack Chair has thinner arm rests, the height of the back rest is lower as well as the top edge of the back rest comes in a variety of shapes.  All the back boards typically have the same width with only minor variations…as seen here:

Adirondack Chair CollageThe Muskoka Chair (from the Muskoka’s, a well known cottage/camping area in Central Ontario) has wider arm rests, a higher back rest with tapered boards and always, always, has a curved upper back rest…as seen here:

Muskoka Chair CollageSo there you go, you can say you learned something new today…the difference between a Muskoka Chair and an Adirondack Chair….

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