DIY Plastic Bag Dryer

Necessity is the Mother of Invention they say.  Lots of everyday items have been ‘created’ simply due to someone thinking outside the box to solve a problem.

The pacemaker, penicillin, the colour mauve, plastic and even Coke (as in the drink, not the drug!) were all accidents as a result of something being mixed incorrectly, forgotten or grabbing the wrong part.

Our DIY plastic bag holder was a result of necessity, with a sprinkling of problem solving skills utilized.  We reuse and recycle as much as possible, especially plastic bags.  There is far too much plastic in our society, we therefore reuse and recycle as much of them as we can as opposed to tossing in the landfill.

Whether they are Ziploc® or plain, clear ones that are used to hold produce, bread, etc. it was always a pain to get them to dry after we washed them out.

Then hubby had a brain wave a few months ago….

Enter the standard Binder Clip.

paperclip_1No need to go buy a box as everyone has at least one (or a dozen) in their household stationary supplies.  If you don’t have any, go ask your neighbour, bet they have a couple hanging around they would be willing to give you.

Take 2 of the smallest sized clips and attach them to the underside of an upper cabinet that is located above your sink.  If you don’t have a cupboard over your sink like I do, you can install them over your laundry tub.

Take a couple short screws and screw them into the underside of the cabinet with the screw going through the narrow section of the clip handle.

Paperclip_2Hang wet bags and voila! They will drip dry into the sink overnight.

paperclip_3Simple and effective and best of all, cheap, um… frugal as all get out.

I must say, this is one of hubby’s best inventions ever….

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