Mini Vacay Time

I am not really going on vacation, I am just so very busy this week with my job as well as garden stuff that I am simply brain dead and do not have enough time to come up with some really great blog posts that you all deserve to read.  Sometimes you need to switch things totally off to get a really good recharge, like letting your cell phone battery run down to zip.

Except for this Friday’s “Next Weeks Menu” post, I will be taking the remainder of the week off (you may have noticed that there was no post yesterday) to get stuff accomplished around the Homestead and pre-plan posts for the next few weeks.

Enjoy the week, get out and enjoy your own gardens, if you don’t have your own, go smell the roses over in the neighbours yard, I am sure they won’t mind.

See you next Monday!

2 thoughts on “Mini Vacay Time

  1. smell the roses, pffft, get your arse over the fence and weed the flower bed or garden-no one will mind!!!!!

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