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I am so excited I can’t contain myself.  This weekend I will be solo at the Homestead as hubby has to work a special project.  Why am I so excited you ask? Aside from the obvious hogging of the whole bed every night?

It is Mexican fiesta weekend, that’s why!  It is also a time to enjoy a vegetarian meal or two without having to make something else for hubby who prefers meat to be included in his dinners.

I am trying out 2 new recipes this weekend, Chilaquiles con Pollo y Salsa Verde (this from an episode of Triple D with Guy Fieri), and a vegetarian meal consisting of a Spring Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potato Oven Baked Fries.  Expect a full report next week on the results.

Meanwhile, the garden needs to have the last of its charges added before they take over my living room.  I am hoping this cold front moves off quickly and we get back to somewhat normal night temps, otherwise I may have to start knitting scarves for the Peppers and Toms….

For the Americans, enjoy your Memorial Day long weekend.  There will be lots of great food and fun, along with some great racing action with the Indy 500 & the Coca-Cola 600 running back to back on Sunday.  Go 24!

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