‘Lettuce’ Help You….

Actually….can someone help me to help yourself to some lettuce? Seriously, please come over and save me.

Sheesh…who knew lettuce could grow this fast.  I have been snipping away daily at them for salads and sammies….and then I went to the cottage for 5 days.

DSC06750I just got back in today and wow….there is no way I can eat this amount of lettuce without the help of a herd of rabbits, 5 goats, 4 sheep and maybe a pig or two.  They are literally over a foot high and just as wide and the row is over 4 feet long.

I may need to get the weed whacker out.

I feel a great urge to go and be real neighbourly with my neighbours….and show them how much I appreciate them living next to me.

I shall take them a bouquet of lettuce, all wrapped up in a bow even.  I know they will sincerely appreciate it, after all, lettuce isn’t despised like zucchini.  I like my neighbours and wouldn’t dream of foisting a hundred pounds of zucchini on any of them.  Well…except for Harley dude a few doors down, after all, he annoys the heck out of the rest of us with the revving of his un-muffled Hog as he comes and goes all summer long…

But back to the lettuce….please….please….PLEASE…come and help yourself to some salad. It’s good for you.  Maybe even try it with ketchup and pretend it’s a plate of fries from Hutch’s on the Beach.

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